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About us

The Pure and Perfect Ingenuity brands were created by Directors Graham and Hannah who have combined their 20 years experience in media and advertising to provide a unique service for their clients.

In the current world of advertising, companies have to look outside of the box and operate a balanced approach between social media, historical advertising channels and consumer data.

About you

Our job as a media agency is to understand, find, target and then recruit new customers to your brand. This simple principle underpins our approach and is the key to our success.

Pure and Perfect Ingenuity will keep you ahead of the times and deliver new ways of communicating with consumers by offering an honest and trustworthy passage across all advertising media.

We have a proven track record in the following advertising verticals and would be keen to explore these with you:




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What Clients Say About Us

"I would recommend Perfect Ingenuity to anybody who values cost effective results and a mutually beneficial working relationship!"

"Without their guidance and expertise in the cauldron that is the data market we would not have achieved the success we have!"

"Both Hannah and Graham are always willing to go above and beyond to help their customers and I have no doubt we will continue to build on an already successful relationship in the future!"

"Hannah and Graham provide a fantastic service, they act with integrity and enormous knowledge to get you the best deal and the best data to meet your business objective!"

"I have had the pleasure of working with Graham and Hannah closely to get the best lead solutions for my needs!"

"Graham's experience in the sector has shown throughout my time using the services of Perfect Ingenuity!"

"Not only does Graham know what my requirements are, he will also proactively work behind the scenes to ensure the lead supply is consistent!"

"Perfect Ingenuity provided a 2.5%-3% higher conversion than my other suppliers for the same campaign!"

"Graham has been able to secure leads for a historically challenging campaign, and not only show they convert, but consistently convert!"